sweater weather

Saturday, August 26, 2017

guys, i got a camera! i am beyond beyond excited because my boyfriend surprised me and got me a samsung nx 3000! it is such a nice camera, i'm obsessed with it. i feel like it honestly just makes me so much more motivated to take pictures of my outfit and style different looks. it makes me want to do pretty flatlays and other stuff and i'm just super happy about it.

i took a little break last week from social media and blogging because i was having awful panic attacks for around 4 or 5 days in a row. i couldn't eat, sleep or barely breathe half the time. i ended up going to the ER one night because i was just so scared. in the end, i've been going to therapy and i think it's seriously really helping. anyways, on to the look!

New Start

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Is is sad that I haven't written a post on here in almost 8 months? That is actually insane to me. So many things have happened in my life since then though…

So my parents ended up moving from Boston to Florida in the middle of March. It was a lot harder on me that I thought it would be, and I still miss them every single day. I know they're only a FaceTime or a phone call away but it just wasn't the same for me. I miss waking up everyday and seeing my mom on her computer in the dining room or my dog just laying out in the living room. What was also super hard on me was the fact that my parents took my dog with them. I'm one of those people that needs an animal around. I get depressed when I don't have a pet. So when my parents took my kitty and dog from me I got super sad for about a month, and that's when I got my sweet angel baby Abraham, or Abe for short. He is a medium-hair orange tabby with a wicked fluffy tail and I love him more than anything. You will see him frequent my Instagram stories or Snapchat. He's so cuddly and such a button-faced angel. I love him soooo much. He made me a lot happier, but it still didn't fill a void I was feeling.
My boyfriend was doing everything he could to make me happier, but I just couldn't see the bright side of things very often, and it really bothered him because he obviously wanted me to be happy. I stopped blogging and taking pictures for a while because I honestly just felt no desire or inspiration to do anything. I got new roommates back in March as well and it's definitely been an adjustment having to live with other people, and I also had so much drama with my brother and his girlfriend these past couple months, and on top of that my very best friend and I had a falling out so we don't speak anymore, and then my grandfather and aunt died back in April too, so I just needed so away time from social media to reflect on how much my life has changed and how to just move past everything and start fresh.

I went to psychiatrist recently and got some medicine to help me feel a little happier, and I have to say I think it's really working. I don't feel as empty inside and a bit less generally anxious as well. I was afraid to get help but I am happy my boyfriend pushed me to do so. I already have the motivation to make this post, so it's definitely a start! But I just wanted to share a couple of images that have been inspiring me!



images from double 3xposure