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Monday, March 28, 2016


It feels so weird to be typing a blog post right now. I literally haven't even looked at my blog in like, months. I have some reasons. 

1. My blog has been down the past couple months because of a domain/blogger issue that I could not find answers on.  I was calling my domain host and they were such a lack of help it was almost astonishing. They were telling me Blogger was the problem and that I needed new IP addresses to re-connect my blog since my renewal for my domain name expired. It was a long and annoying process, but today I just sat down, figured shit out, and I'm live again baby!

2. My personal life is way more important than blogging. I'm sorry, but my well-being and happiness obviously comes first over this blog. I went through a break-up back in August which sort of motivated me to work on my blog harder, and become better. That all went sort of backwards when I started getting involved with a new guy a few months after. When I get into new relationships, I get tunnel vision. That person becomes the apple of my eye. I can't concentrate on anything else, I become obsessed. I want to spend every waking minute with them, there's no time for anyone/anything else. I'm definitely in the honeymoon stage, but I'm enjoying it.  I realize that's not healthy, but it only lasts for a bit. It's just something new and exciting, and putting effort, time and energy into this new relationship was and still is super important to me. So if that means spending less time creating content to be with him, that's ok because I'm happy doing both, but human interaction is way more rewarding than talking about clothes and make-up on the internet (even though I love it) 

ALSO I'm the biggest procrastinator on this planet, so yea. 

Anyways, I literally shot this look around Valentine's Day (hence the pops of pink) but due to unlikely circumstances I'm posting the look at the end of March! Enjoy!

coat - Theory | jean jacket - Mother | jeans - Current/Elliot | knit - A.L.C | clutch - Zara (old) | mules - Forever21 (old) | choker - Trois the Label

Excuse the coat, I didn't realize how bad the pilling was until I looked at these pictures (insert emoji with the rolled eyes here)

I'm gonna try to create some content tomorrow or Thursday! Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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