Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This is what I've been using on my face lately. I switch it up every now and then when I hear about a new product I want to try. I've been holding on to this routine for a while now though. It's hard to find the right skincare for me because my skin is so so sensitive.

For my face, I love the Aesop Camellia Nut Moisturizer blended in with a couple of drops of BeautyCounter's Lustro #1 Face Oil. I have been using this combination for months, and my skin seems to really like it. I don't ever feel dry, and my skin has been way less flaky in these upcoming colder months. I use a combination of eye products. Sometimes I will use my Fresh Lotus Eye Gel for dark circles (not pictured) or I'll use my One Love Organics Eye Balm alongside my Bobbi Brown eye cream, which are both super hydrating. I love using eye creams because I feel like my under-eye area goes through hell with all the concealer I pack on there. I have also been using these Shiseido Retinol Eye Masks. They are great for preventing wrinkles and fine-lines, which I don't have yet but would like to delay for as long as possible! The under-eye area is so sensitive, so I just think the eye masks were a great idea to even out any texture and give me brighter eyes. They are expensive, but worth every penny! For other products, I use my Vitamin E serum from One Love Organics a couple of times a week. I don't use it everyday, because it tends to make my skin a little too oily. I also use this Pore Filler by Nyx that I recently discovered. I for some reason have unworldly sized pores on my face, so I have been trying the filler out recently.

I have far from perfect skin, so to help with the break-outs I use Kate Somerville's Eradikate. It's a great spot treatment and is usually pretty on point as far as clearing away pesky zits. I apply it with a Q-tip, which is sort of necessary in using it, and directly apply onto my breakouts. It dries quickly and I usually just leave it on overnight. There is a residue in the morning, but my zits are usually way less severe/red or cleared away completely. I have also been using Fresh's Rose Face Mask. The gel texture feels really cooling on my face, and one of my favorite scents in the world are roses. (Roses De ChloƩ all day) The mask hydrates my face and evens out the tone. I'll use it about once a week. I still use Mario Bedescu's RoseWater Spray every single day. I use it to just freshen my skin sometimes, and I'll usually spray it right after I do my make-up to set it. I obviously love the smell and it sinks right into my skin. The last product is Farmacy's Sleep Tight Firming Balm. It firms, tones, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It really improves texture, which I have a problem with. It gives me a really nice glow in the morning!


p.s shooting a holiday look at the end of this week! 

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