Saturday, December 26, 2015

knit - loft | skirt - zara | booties - topshop | bag - zara

I am so sorry about how absent I've been on this blog. The holidays sort of just murdered me financially, and now upcoming bill payments are stressing me the hell out! I am trying to be better about pre-planning posts, but as I say a lot, it takes time and effort. I do put a lot of hours into my brand though, planning Instagrams and looks, but that stuff is obviously all behind the scenes. 

Anyways, this look I love. I love the loose silhouette with some leather booties, and this awesome bag I got for Christmas! I apologize this post is so short and sweet. The lighting today was weird, and my usual shoot location near my house was busy as hell because everyone was out enjoying the beautiful weather today, so I made it work! It's a little funny shooting on a beach in December, but it's been so warm here, why not! 


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