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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

holidays 2015

Guys! I can not believe Christmas is under ten days away! This is madness! My birthday happens to be on the 20th, so I love the month of December! I have actually already picked out all my gifts this year. I got a beautiful faux cowhide rug for my room, which I said I was going to ask for a couple of times. I also did not ask for a lot of things for Christmas. It's a hard time financially for a lot of people this year, and I didn't want my mom stressing. I asked for a new marble table for my room. I actually asked for a lot of new decor for my room, I needed a change in here big time. I do a lot of blogging in my room, and the lack of inspiration was getting a little overwhelming. I also asked for a new sweater, which I didn't need, but whatever. I then just asked for some cream colored boots from Aldo and a beautiful olive-green bag from Zara. So nothing crazy, but enough. This gift guide is obviously geared towards girls aged from about 18-25. I put together some stuff I would love to receive and give. It's more to boost the inspiration if you are stuck on what to ask your parents for, or
you are stuck on what to get a friend/cousin/sister, etc!


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