Insta Round Up

Monday, November 16, 2015

I used to go these "week-stagram" posts where I would share all my Instagram posts of that week, but I like the idea of picking ten favorite pictures each month and doing a little "Insta favorites" better. I try to post on Instagram twice a day, so there's a lot to chose from. This is going to be hard. I had so many I wanted to include! My mom celebrated her birthday last month, so I loved the picture we took for that. I also included a couple of my favorite flatlays I've taken the past month. I take pride in a good flatlay! Some coffee shots, obviously. A coffee shop, obviously. I loved the ootd shot I did in Florida with the nude dress and suede jacket. I loved the background for that shot, it was actually a took shed! Haha. I also chose a detail shot from a recent look I did. I loved the turtleneck with a suede belt. My last picked are a #FWIS little number, a snap of my recent visit to Niche, and a monthly #bedsidevibes picture. Hope you enjoyed!


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