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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This is just going to be a post me blabbing away. I woke up at one today, because I was so exhausted from working all weekend. Do any fellow bloggers out there work in the restaurant industry? If so let me know, we can bond over it. It's a great gig, and funds my blog, but my god it's exhausting.

Enough complaining. I've been rifling through The Style Addict's tumblr all day. I curated some images I wanted to share.

I love looking through style tumblr's just to get some inspo. I love curating ideas through what I see on the internet and bringing them out in my blog posts and Instagrams. 

Another thing, I obviously do not post on this blog every day, but I am active on social media! I usually post a couple of Instagrams every day, and tweet! 

I'm going to shoot a look tomorrow so stay tuned!


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