Suede and Sneaks

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Top : Zara | Skirt : Zara | Bag : Zara (old) | Choker :H&M | Sneakers : Lacoste | Sunglasses : Super Retro Future

I wanted to style this suede skirt again before it got way too cold to do so. I just got these amazing sneakers in, and I have been waiting to buy them for weeks. I am amazed at myself that I didn't buy a pair earlier. I feel like every fashion blogger in America has a pair of white sneaks, and I am sort of late to jump on the bandwagon, but made the plunge, finally. I love the boy-ish charm they add to a feminine outfit such as this one. I am a sucker for neutrals, so I paired the skirt with a ribbed knit I've been obsessed with. Enjoy!


Product Review : Luminous Silk Foundation

Friday, September 25, 2015

I'm sure we've all seen this product before. It's the Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani. I have been using this foundation for almost three months straight. I'm on my second bottle, and I will probably buy a third. I first heard of this foundation through make-up artists on Youtube. I actually saw Jaclyn Hill raving about it months ago, and decided to pick it up. 

I'm in the shade "5". It's obviously fair in color, but has neutral undertones. This foundation does have a light finish. It's intended to leave your skin dewy and fresh looking, hence the "luminous". I really like that the formula is on the lighter side, because I am definitely one to pack on concealer, so having a lightweight foundation doesn't make me look overly done. Most of the time, I forget the foundation is on my face, because it's blends in effortlessly into my skin. 

The foundation is build-able. It's doesn't leave you with full coverage with one application, but you can double-dip with problem areas. I usually leave my problem areas to my concealer, and use this foundation to even out my complexion. This product is a bit on the pricier side at $62 for an ounce of product. 

This foundation does really last all day though. I've had it on through twelve hour doubles at my job, and it's always stuck through to the end. I have super sensitive skin, and its given me no trouble at all with breakouts. I will just pump twice, and apply with my Morphe foundation brush. 

Overall, I love this foundation. It leaves my skin silky smooth, and gives me a pretty glow. I love the coverage, I love how it's blend-able and build-able, and I really like that it is a weightless formula!

Buy the foundation here!


Slip Dress

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Slip Dress : H&M | Sweater : A.P.C (old) | Choker : H&M | Shoes : Zara | Sunglasses : Super Sunglasses

So as you may have seen from fashion week passing, and European fashion weeks underway, that the slip dress is HUGE this season. I scooped up this amazing burgundy slip dress from the A/W H&M Studio collection. A lot of the pieces were already sold out, so I grabbed what I could. I sort of want to get a couple more things, but the pieces are not cheap. 
I love pairing this textured knit over the dress for a more autumnal vibe. I knotted it at the bottom so i wouldn't loose my shape in a baggy sweater over a sexier dress. The temperatures are already dropping here in Boston, so all my sweaters are going to be making their debut here on TGR in the upcoming months!



Friday, September 18, 2015

Sweater : Zara | Jeans : Missguided (similar options here) | Bag : Vince | Shoes : 3.1 Phillip Lim

So as I may have announced before, I use Danielle of We Wore What and Courtney of Always Judging as my style muses. Every time I'm sort of stuck, or have a lack of inspiration, I just go on their Instagram's to regain a little inspo. I always see Danielle wearing these beautiful Chloe flats. They are similar in shape to my Phillip Lim ones, but gray instead. Anyways, I always see them and think they are the most classic shape, with a nice pointed toe. I knew I wanted to get a new pair of flats for the upcoming Fall season, but didn't really want to dole out the $600 the Chloe flats were going to cost me. I knew I wanted something on the higher end though, because these were my big shoe purchase of the season. I found these Phillip Lim ones on Shopbop and FELL IN LOVE. They are the perfect shape, and the perfect cream color. I also love the lace-up details, so on trend. They were a bit steep, but I know I'll love them forever. 


What kind of shoe are you investing in this season?

Currently Craving

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I have been lusting over that bag for weeks now. I can't really splurge right now though since I just bought this Phillip Lim shoes. About to go out with my friend though to go on the hunt for a cute suede jacket and some white sneaks! They are staple items that I seem to not have?



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dress : Primark | Hat : Primark (not online) | Shoes : Zara | Clutch : Vintage | Sunglasses : Super Sunglasses

So this past Wednesday I went to the opening of Primark in Boston! It was super fun. There was music, alcohol and shopping. How could it better than that? I went with some friends, and I scooped up a couple of things. I obviously got this dress, the hat, and some really cute ripped jeans that all three of us ended up getting. If you live in the Boston area, definitely check out Primark! It's located on Summer Street in Downtown Crossing! 



Friday, September 11, 2015

This blogging/working 50 hours a week/paying off bills thing is not easy. Styling clothes and talking beauty is my passion but it's so hard to do when I'm constantly working which funds my styling and beauty products. It's also hard to budget my blog and bills. #firstworldproblems am I right?

My race against the sun prohibited me from doing any sort of shooting today. I wish I was organized enough/not lazy so I could pre-plan posts. I'll honestly just shoot an outfit, edit the pictures and put up the post the same day. I feel like a lot of other bloggers don't do that, but I guess it works for me.

Also, I have a ton of outfit ideas to shoot. I just made a purchase at H&M. I picked up some of their studio collection, and I can't wait to style the pieces! I wanted to go to NYC this Fall so badly, but I didn't quite have anyone to go with, and getting time off from work is so annoying. I really hope I can go soon and/or next Fall.

I've sort of just been rambling this entire post, but I wanted to post some cool images that have been inspiring me.


All images are via An Ocean Of Models

Beauty Buys

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I've been super into fashion and whatnot this past month. I honestly haven't done that many beauty posts at all. I've sort of been feeling a lack of inspiration lately. My personal life is kind of going through hell right now, so I've been trying my best to keep up and format posts, but I have stuff to deal with that's putting a damper on my blogging :(

Anyways, these are what I've bought recently as far as skincare and beauty goes. I have a friend that I work with and she sells BeautyCounter products. I placed an order with her last week, and have been loving my purchases! I got their Lip Sheer in the color Twig. The packaging is clearly gorgeous, and the pigment is obviously sheer, but the formula is so creamy and moisturizing. I also picked up their Concealer Pen. I got the lightest shade in Fair. It's definitely a lighter formula than my Nars Creamy Concealer, but it's so blendable and I love it for on-the-go touchups. I also picked up Beautycounter's Lustro Face Oil in #1. I mix a few drops of this with my moisturizer, and it leaves my skin glowing. I have a dry complexion, so this oil is perfect with my sensitive skin!

Last week, I stopped into Sephora to try out some Givenchy beauty products. I ended up picking out their Noir Couture Mascara , which I definitely need to use a bit longer to make a full opinion on, and I also snatched their Le Rouge Lipstick in #211.  I had originally picked up #103, but the stick snapped in half after one use. I returned that one, and of course they were out of 103 all together. So, I ended up picking up this light rose color instead. The formula is amazing, and the packaging is gorgeous!

When I was returning that broken lipstick, I obviously picked up a few more things. I got a couple of sheet masks which I'm dying to try! I got the Dr. Jart Brightening Sheet Mask, the Boscia Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask and the Karuna Anti-Oxidant Sheet Mask. I clearly haven't used them yet, but I will definitely report back on how I like them. 

I was actually on the hunt for a new moisturizer yesterday, since my Lush Celestial is almost gone. I've been wanting to try a new one, and was sort of bopping around the Back Bay yesterday trying to find one. I went into Saks because I wanted to check out the La Mer moisturizers, but a 1 ounce tub of La Mer was $170, so I sort of ran out. I then went to Aesop on Newbury and picked up their Camellia Nut Hydrating Cream. It's designed for sensitive skin, and has a very light scent, which I like. I love Aesop products, so hopefully I will love this moisturizer! 


p.s I'm going to the Primark opening tonight in Boston, so hopefully I can style some stuff on Friday for you! Also, I'm sorry I didn't post Friday or Tuesday. Working all weekend leaves me EXHAUSTED on Tuesday. I woke up at 2 in the afternoon. I had errands all day, and by the time I was done, it was dark outside. The sun setting earlier will be the death of me! 

Denim Jacket Round II

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blouse : Zara | Skirt : Zara | Jacket : Mother Denim | Sunglasses : Karen Walker | Shoes : Topshop | Neck Scarf : Vintage

So this is my second shoot with the WONDERFUL Cibelle Levi. We did this shoot in the Back Bay, and it was so much fun! She gives such good direction, and is totally focused on the needs and creative input of whoever she is shooting! I loved working with her, and wish she lived in Boston so I could shoot with her regularly! 

For this look, I really wanted to incorporate suede, since it's HUGE right now. I am loving this suede skirt, and white blouse combo. It's super 70's, and topped off with my favorite denim jacket, these strappy heels and a little neck scarf, it's a match made in heaven! 


Also, check out Cibelle's Instagram HERE.