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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hey People!

So I just got back from a quick little vacation to Martha's Vineyard. I went from Thursday to Monday, and boy was it such a good time. I went with my boyfriend and his mom. We stayed at his cousin's house right in Edgartown and let me tell you, the house was GORGEOUS. We went to the beach, went out to beautiful dinners, shopped and drank in excessive amounts (acceptable when you're on vacation). I had seriously such a relaxing and laid-back weekend. I needed it. I documented a lot of my stay on the island through Snapchat. My username is evahynes if you guys want to follow me. I sort of snap a lot, so be warned! I also stay pretty active on Instagram and Twitter every single day. My links are on the right hand side!

On another note, I will be blogging Friday. I want to try to format at least 3 posts, so I can schedule them to post over the weekend. I hate being inconsistent, and really strive to post at least twice a week! Thanks for being patient!


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