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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are my current brushes in rotation. I don't really buy brushes too often. I find one or some I really like and use the hell out of it. I talk about the same brushes all the time ( i.e Nars Ita and/or Morphe's 439). I don't use them all every single day, there are some days I'll just put concealer and mascara on. Also, way too lazy to link all these, if you google, they'll most likely pop right up :)

Face -

From left to right : Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Powder Brush | MAC 268 | Nars Blush Brush (sold out) | Nars Mie Kabuki | Morphe #439

I use the Morphe brush for foundation, and the Nars Blush Brush for blush (duh). I use the Real Techniques brush for powder and the MAC brush for contouring. I then use the Mie Kabuki  for highlighting because of its tapered end. I play around a lot with the brushes I have and don't grab for the same exact face brushes everyday, but this is the average reach. 

Eyes - 
From left to right : Makeup Forever #242 | Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Angled Liner Brush | Zoeva Petit Blender | Lancome (so old all the writing wore off, sorry!)

I'll usually use the small blending brush to pack on my shadows then blend it out with the fluffy brush. I use the Lancome brush for days when I just want some dark brown shadows lining my lower lash line for some definition, and the smaller angled brush for smudging it out.

Brows - 

Makeup Forever #274

After I fill it my brows with my Brow Wiz, I blend the product with the bristle side. 

What do you use on a daily basis for brushes?


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