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Saturday, May 16, 2015

So I finally got around to making a wishlist. I have been soooo busy these past few weeks. I have been working literally non-stop. Last week I worked almost 57 hours. I can't believe I have even updated this blog at all due to the time limits I'm working with. I am a bit bummed because I thought with school being over, that I would have more time for this blog, and now it seems I have less. My boss schedules me non-stop, it's really annoying.

Anyways, I am updating on a Saturday because I did not work today! I actually graduated college! Haha, I am so happy it's over with, and that I don't have to stress about it anymore. The ceremony was long, but the peonies my parents have me afterwards made it worth it. My boyfriend also got me a gorgeous rose-gold bracelet with diamonds that I took a picture of. It's on my Instagram if you want to check it out!

On to the wishlist...

These are just some things I've been wanting. The Gypsy Water perfume is still on my list because I have yet to get it. I've also got the Alex drawers from Ikea but they are so unorganized right now, so I've really had my eye on these Muji organizers.

I saw these Schutz sandals on Danielle Bernstein last week, and fell in love. They aren't crazy expensive but enough to make me think twice about purchasing them. Hopefully I can figure it out, because they are beautiful. I have also been loving these jeans. I love the raw hemline, I think it gives the simple denim an interesting look.

Also, how gorgeous is this cage clutch? It's way past my price point but I love how it looks! Shop the rest of the post down below!



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