Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Today I had the lovely opportunity of visiting the Fresh Blue Box Pop-Up shop at the Prudential Center in Boston. It was a gorgeous day outside, so my friend Brigid and I went over to see what the pop-up was all about. It was honestly such a cute and inviting set-up. The first station was a lip treatment station, where the Fresh team had you scrub your lips with their amazing brown sugar lip scrub, which I own and love to pieces. Then they asked what sort of lip color you use on an everyday basis. I picked pink, so they had me use their Rosè lip treatment, which was so beautiful. The next stop was to go into their little blue truck and view what sort of lip treatments they had available and what new products they were advertising. You couldn't buy anything at the pop-up, but their Newbury Street location was just a short walk away. The last stop of the pop-up was a really fun photo booth, which unfortunately wasn't working at the time, but we had a great time regardless. After the pop-up, Brigid and I went to the Fresh store and shopped around. We even made our own cosmetic pouches! They scanned our lip print onto the canvas! It was an amazing time.

I have loved Fresh beauty for such a long time, and they have a spot close to my heart since they actually originated in Boston. I want to thank Fresh for inviting me to this wonderful pop-up, and for all of the little goodies I received! They are actually taking the Blue Box pop-up across America, so be on the lookout in your hometown!

Lip treatment station! 

The goodies!!

The photo booth. 

My best friend Brigid inside the Fresh store! 

Inside the Fresh store. 

My custom cosmetic pouch, and all of the goodies* from Fresh! Thank you so much for the amazing products! How cute is my own lip print on the pouch?

Shop Fresh products HERE!


*Gifted from Fresh

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  1. Wow, it's so pretty! Looks like how I want my personal bathroom to look with inset glass shelves :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty