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Friday, April 10, 2015

currently craving

This is what I'm currently craving at the moment. I am seriously so depressed I am not at Coachella right now. It's where I belong, and it's just super unfortunate it wasn't in the cards for me this year. This post is 100% festival inspired. I have been DYING for this backpack, and with that dress and those sandals? Perfect combination. I have also really been wanting to try this Becca liquid highlighter, since I love their Skin Perfector so much. I have also been wanting to try Byredo products for a while; Gypsy Water will definitely be my next scent purchased.

Also, I just re-arranged my entire room today. I got a new garment rack (hah), some Alex drawers from Ikea (!!!!) and some other cute stuff. I wanted a cowhide for my floor so bad when I went there today, it would have looked amazing on my floor against the hard wood. They were real cowhides though, and seeing the skin in pure hide was a bit too much for me to handle so I decided against it. I love the look though so I might go for a faux one if I can find it.

What are you currently craving?

P.S I got a suuuuper nice lens today for my Canon! Blog pictures are gonna be on point! I also got a tripod for more videos, and a little remote so I can go out and take some of my own photos! I can't wait!

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