50 Things About Me

Friday, April 17, 2015

I wanted to do something a tad different today. My posts are always outfit shoots, or something about beauty, but today I wanted to give you a post that was more about just me. I started this blog a little over a year ago, and I feel like I have already come so far not only with improvement in my content, but my style as well. With that said, get to know me a bit more...

1. When I'm driving, my music needs to be loud enough to rattle my windows.
2. My favorite genre of music is EDM. It just makes me super happy and makes me wanna dance.
3. I am a neat freak. My room is immaculate.
4. I love to read, and the satisfaction of finishing a book never gets old. 
5. I hate mushrooms, mac&cheese, cilantro, and cottage cheese with a PASSION.
6. It doesn't matter where I am, I will find a way to spend money. 
7. I wear contacts every single day.
8. The thing I hate most about myself are my teeth.
9. The thing I like most about myself are my eyes.
10. I am not really a people person.
11. I love my German Shepherd more than a lot of people.
12. I have two very supportive parents, that have helped me with so much and I am very grateful for them.
13. I have one sibling, a brother, who I am also very grateful for.
14. I am graduating from college in May and receiving my Bachelor's in Marketing.
15. I have lived just outside of Boston my whole life, and I love my city.
16. I don't really enjoy drinking, but I love white wine.
17. I have a super sensitive stomach.
18. I have a best friend named Brigid. She's just as crazy as I am. 
19. My favorite scent is the smell of roses.
20. I have the longest, thinnest fingers ever. They make my hands look ginormous, it's not cute.
21. I also have super long, pale legs. I really scored in the genetics area, I know.
22. I currently have a 2012 red Volkswagen Beetle. 
23. My lease is up in July though, so I'm gonna go for a white Beetle with tan interior :)
24. I am a speed demon. I have way too many speeding tickets on my record to even count.
25. I love seafood and Italian food.
26. I went to a Catholic high school, but don't really believe in a higher power at all.
27. I used to play lacrosse back in the day. I was a captain on my high school team.
28. I would rather hang out with a group of guys over a group of girls ANY DAY. 
29. I have a thing for guys with blonde hair.
30. My boyfriend has dark brown hair and brown eyes, which is not my usual taste.
31. I could drive around and blast music in my car all day long.
32. When I find a song I love, I will play it on repeat for like 2 weeks straight.
33. My full name is Eva Emmaline Hynes.
34. I literally do not leave my house in the winter time. In the summer I will go out.
35. My favorite comfort food is my dad's homemade chicken cutlets with his garlic mashed potatoes. 
36. I put pepper on EVERYTHING.
37. I dream about going to Europe every day of my life.
38. I know I don't have a ton of readers, but I love blogging so that alone motivates me.
39. I think that hashtags are soooo annoying, but I strictly use them on Instagram to get my pictures seen and to gain a following. 
40. Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform.
41. Some of my friends pick on me or don't really understand my blog or get why I do it, but it in no way stops me from doing what I love.
42. I love Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Zedd and David Guetta.
43. I'm a fag hag. Read my babe Michael's blog HERE.
44. I will stay in and watch a movie and have a glass of wine over clubbing any day of the week.
45. I have a LOT of anxiety. Certain things build it up ; like traffic, being late, long lines, and interviews are some things that legit tear me apart. 
46. I used to be very unhappy and depressed from about age 19 to age 22. It was only this past year I started to see relief and become content with my life.
47. I become obsessed with things easily. I would say I definitely have an addictive personality.
48. My blog and outfits are inspired by Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and Courtney Trop of Always Judging
49. I have always wanted to live in New York City.
50. I have a serious sweet tooth. Candy and baked goods will be the death of me. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. It's very nice to read other side of you. First time reading your blog and I love the make up review :) Nice weekend!