Weekstagram #2

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hey All!

So this week is my second installment of Weekstagram! I think I really like doing these, they're fun to put together! To recap though, I had a pretty good week. I did absolutely nothing on Monday and Tuesday, which I loved. Sometimes you just need those lazy days to make you feel refreshed. I do that quite often, since I'm such an introvert. I'd rather stay in bed and be by myself any day over going out. I am going out tonight though, so wish me luck. I had school on Wednesday, and then on Thursday someone returned my bag that was stolen from me a couple of weeks ago!! Everything was in it, including my make-up! I think I had forgot to mention on Sunday that someone found my Marc Jacobs wallet in a random bush, and they returned it to me. So now I have pretty much everything back! They only things missing were obviously my cash, and my Moleskine notebook along with my Stella McCartney sunglasses case that got completely ruined in the rain. That's okay though! I got back my make-up and my wallet which is what I was really upset over! Have a good weekend everyone!


What were your posts on Instagram like this week?

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