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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hey All!
Wow, I am so sorry about the lack of updating. It's been really crappy weather here in Boston for like the last week, and rainy/dreary weather makes me so so so lazy. I didn't even want to leave my bed, never mind update my blog, haha. I have some outfits in mind that I want to shoot, I'm just waiting for the rain to go away. It was actually snowing out earlier. Also, my mom and I have weird schedules so it's hard to meet up and get some shots done. Anyone know of a photographer in the Boston area? I need one!

Anyways, I was looking around my room the other day and realized I have so many books. Like an unordinary amount of books piled in my tiny little room. I was looking through them and just pulled out some that I look at now and then to get my creativity pumping. I love looking at images and personally, love turning pages in a physical book. There's some sort of gratification I get from it. Here are some books I look at that get the inspiration flowing....


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