Monday, October 13, 2014

I am so sorry I've been MIA. I am so busy with school and work, and it really does bum me out since I love blogging, but there's so little time for me to be creative lately.

School is seriously kicking my ass, and I can't WAIT for it to be all over, seeing as how this is my last semester. I am so over writing dumb papers and doing group work, and it's just all too much right now. Also my work is ridiculous. I am a server, and for some reason my work thinks it's okay to work 4-5 days a week, with juggling school work and trying to get a decent amount of sleep at night.

I know my problems are not important to some of you, but I HATE not being consistent with this blog, and I just wanted to tell you guys what's been holding me back. Anyways, I've been working with the site Only In Boston a lot, as I've mentioned in the past, so I've been going to some really cool events around Boston that I've been writing reviews for. It's seriously a lot of fun. Last week I went to the Art Of The Brick exhibit, which was an exhibit created by this man who re-creates famous works of art entirely out of Legos. It was out of this world. I also went to some Boston Fashion Week shows, which were a blast as well.

I want to do an outfit post tomorrow, so hopefully that will happen.  I also have a lot to say about trends for this winter, so I need to do a post on that as well, but these posts can take HOURS to format because I am such a perfectionist and need everything to look just the way I want. I promise I will have something up tomorrow though.



  1. It sucks when our lives get in the way of our blogs! But I guess it's just what happens, doesn't it? I hope you find the time :)

    1. It really does! I'm glad someone understands :) Thank you for the support!

  2. You have great fashion style! Great Blog!