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Friday, October 3, 2014

Hey All!

I know what you're thinking, two outfit posts in a row? Eva, how do you have time for this? Did you skip school? Well funny you ask, I in fact DID skip school, but not to take pictures for my blog. I skipped my last class today to get blow-outs and lunch with some friends from work, hence why my hair looks acceptable today instead of the rats nest it usually is.

On another note, I totally forgot I had this coat. It's a wool-blend with leather sleeves, and I love it. Since the outfit is primarily monochrome, I wanted to add a touch of color somewhere. I found these chunky heels lying around and it was a match made it heaven. Enjoy!

Button Down : Target | Coat : Vince | Leggings : Vince | Necklace : Urban Outfitters | Shoes : Loeffler Randall (these were bought a while ago at Barney's and I can not find them anywhere online, sorry!)


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