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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey All!

So today I have an edit for you. I was just browsing through the Internet and sort of just really started looking at leather jackets. They're one of my go-to pieces all year round. In the Summer/Spring I love to wear a pastel-colored leather jacket, like the one I styled here. In the Fall and Winter, I like to go for darker hues of leather. I have a beautiful Theory leather jacket that I got at Barney's on sale for $200. It's a mahogany color and still one of my favorite purchases ever. I also have an H&M gray leather jacket for a more casual vibe. My go-to black leather jacket is actually the one listed in the middle of the edit. It's from Zara, and I love it. I love the detachable fur collar, and I actually got it in a size large so I could fit sweaters and knits underneath for when it's colder outside.

leather jackets

I realize that not everyone can afford a $650 leather jacket, so I tried to hit all price points. I usually don't spend less than $50 on a leather jacket, just because leather is sort of a un-forgiveable material in the sense that if it's poorly made, it will show. I buy leather jackets from H&M often. I love the quality, and their price points are low enough that they can be easily replaced if worn or damaged. The middle price point jacket is from Zara, stated up above. I love Zara leather jackets. I think they're all at a decent price, and the quality is agreeable. I love my Zara leather jackets, and they've held up forever. They're a great little splurge. The last jacket is a bit pricey. It's good to splurge on one great leather jacket, and have it for the rest of your life. I got lucky since my Theory jacket was on sale, but I am still looking to save up for and splurge on an amazing black leather jacket. I love this Whistles one, it's gorgeous.

I love biker jackets in particular, they give such an added edge to any look! 
What are some of your favorite leather jackets that you have?


Oh, and by the way! Check out my latest Instagram post, there's a sneak peek of the outfit I'll be shooting tomorrow! 

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