Wardrobe Items That Needed Updating...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey Guys!

So, every once in a while, you need to update current pieces in your closet. I do this more often than not, since I have a spending problem, but nonetheless, it's imperative for an individual who is in the fashion industry or a fashion blogger, because style is eternal, but fashions do fade.

I've done a bit of updating recently, if you couldn't tell from my Recent Buys post from yesterday that you can read HERE. I like updating my staple items, because I wear staples so often that I quickly become tired of them, and am continuously looking for better versions of what I own. I know that sounds crazy, and like a huge waste of money, but it's just what I do. Anyways, I recently updated three staple items of mine....

(Sidenote : I know people are probably getting extremely tired of all the collages I've been doing, but it's only because my mom is away on business! I'll have an outfit post this Friday!)

wardrobe update 1

Who doesn't love J Brand? I know I do! But their jeans range from about $170 to over $200. I love treating myself to a pair of J Brand's every once in a while, but usually it's just not feasible. I have recently discovered Topshop jeans within the past couple of months, and it's true love. They range from about $70 to $100, which I think is definitely doable. I am also OBSESSED with the ripped knee movement that is currently underway. I think it adds such an edge to my outfits and is more interesting rather than just a pair of black skinny jeans.

wardrobe update 2

I know Vince definitely has better quality clothing than Club Monaco, but I felt like my everyday textured cardigan needed updating. I bought this Vince cardigan, except in navy blue in 2012. I LOVED this thing. I still do. I actually wore it the other day, but I was getting tired of it. A few months back, I was in Club Monaco and their annual sale was going on. I bought this textured knit for close to nothing, and I love it. I've worn it in a couple of outfit posts, and it's so versatile due to its' color scheme. I also love the leather pockets, such a nice touch!

wardrobe update 3

I thought it was WAY past due to get a sophisticated leather tote bag. I bought the French Connection tote a WHILE ago (7 months ago I think) and was just so sick of looking it at. I ventured into Zara one day, and stumbled upon this black leather shopper. I thought it was perfect for school, and to carry around my everyday essentials. It's humongous and I can fit my products, and books in it with ease. I also love that it's black because I can wear it with anything, whereas before, the peach color of the French Connection tote sometimes clashed with my outfit.

What are some wardrobe items that you've updated recently? I would love to know!


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