New York 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey All!

So I am finally back from New York! It was so much freaking fun, and I'm so sad it's over. It was my first experience of the city during fashion week and it was so different then my previous perceptions of it...

On Sunday, I seriously got up at 4:30 AM to catch the Megabus to NYC at 6. It was the worst experience I've ever gone through, but I got over it after I popped in some headphones and got a cup of coffee. The ride there didn't seem too long. My boyfriend and I usually drive to New York in about 3 and a half hours from Boston, but this bus ride was about 4 and a half. After my friend Jackie and I got off the bus, we went to our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton in the Fashion District which was amazing! The rooms are so chic and it was perfect for what we wanted. After we changed and primped a little, we went to brunch. Now brunch is one of my favorite things in the whole entire world, so doing brunch in NYC on a Sunday was a match made in heaven for me. We went to David Burke's Kitchen in Soho, and when I tell you IT WAS THE BEST BRUNCH EVER. I am still not over how delicious it was. We started with a bread plate, which consisted of a brown sugar and cinnamon bun, buttermilk biscuits with jalapeño, cheddar, and honey butter, a banana muffin with vanilla bean cream cheese and cinnamon sugar brioche toast with strawberry rhubarb jam. I was in heaven, literally descended into heaven. I am such a foodie, and I seriously appreciate good food. I love trying new restaurants and this place was unforgettable. I consumed so much sugar, but it was so worth it. After the bread basket, I ordered a delicious mimosa and the PB&J French Toast (as if I didn't consume enough calories with the bread basket). The french toast was amazing. It was a piece of brioche with peanut butter mousse and strawberry rhubarb jam. Phenomenal.

After brunch we wandered over to Soho to explore a little. We went into Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander Wang, and a bunch of other amazing shops. We then spotted Topshop on Broadway, and I kid you not, were in there for THREE HOURS. I couldn't stop looking and admiring. The place was three floors and just unattainable. I could have spent like $10,000 in there without even realizing it. The clothes, the bags, the shoes, just so beautiful it was hard to turn things away.
Topshop buys

This is what I ended up with. It was so hard to chose, but I thought these were good picks. I love the jumpsuit. It fits me like a glove and I wore it that night out with the Topshop Romy sandals and a white Zara clutch. It's so out of my comfort zone, and that's why I love it. I'll definitely be styling this soon, so keep your eyes peeled! I also LOVE the blazer. It cam be worn with just about anything, and it looks so chic on. I loved the tee as well. Yes, I know 'Casse-toi' is an offensive saying in French, and no I don't care. I think it's funny, and was something different for me to buy. I also picked up these trousers. They fit so well and are such a nice alternative to my jeans or my occasional skirt. They were a good price as well, and are made nicely. I also got an incredible hat, but it isn't online! But here is a snap of me wearing the hat, blazer and t-shirt out at breakfast yesterday....

HOW CHIC IS THE HAT!!!! Completely obsessed! 

After Topshop, we went back to the hotel, and got ready for the night. I wore the jumpsuit and my sandals. We then took an uber over to the Crowne Plaza for Couture Fashion Week. We sat front row. It was a lot of fun. The designs were freaking crazy, and totally not wearable, but they were fun to see and interesting to see the other people that attended the show as well. 

Here's some quick snaps. The designs were pretty, but a tad crazy, hah. I couldn't even tell you the names of the designers. After the show, we went to Sarabeth's on Central Park South and had some burgers. They were really good, and just a quick little pick me up for our night ahead. After dinner, we went to the after-party for the show. It was a little weird, because it felt like we were crashing a work party or something. Everyone knew everyone else and then there was us, hahaha. We got a couple of drinks from the open bar and left pretty quickly. After the party we went back to the hotel and went to bed, we were EXHAUSTED.

On Monday, which was yesterday, we went shopping, and I mean shopping. We woke up early and got breakfast at this adorable place in Central Park called Le Pain Quotidien. I got smoked salmon with egg on a croissant and it was delicious. Their coffee was also phenomenal and we each got a raspberry mimosa which was so yummy! 

                                      Walking up to the restaurant                                                        The Menu

After breakfast, we went to Madison. Our plan for the day was to just walk up and down Madison Avenue and just take everything in. We first went into Schutz, which was amazing, then ventured into Vince Camuto where I picked up THIS vest. It's so chic and I have it on today with some ripped Zara boyfriend jeans, and a Vince gray t-shirt. It can be worn to be dressed up or down. I love it. Then after Vince Camuto we went into so many stores I can't even remember them all. To name a few: J.Mendel, Celine, Kate Spade, Chanel, Helmut Lang, Theory, Alice & Olivia, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, and more. I seriously can't think of all of them. We did stop into Ladurée and grabbed a few macarons as well. On our last stops we went into Diptyque and each got a candle. I got the Roses one and it smells AMAZING. We then went into NARS, and both got our make-up done, it was so much fun! I ended up buying the Mie Kabuki brush, which is phenomenal, there will definitely be a review within weeks to come. I also picked up the Sylvia Audacious lipstick, which is a hot lavender color, and a lipliner (forget the name) to be applied with it!

                                    Sitting on the Kate Spade roof deck                                        After my makeover at NARS

My Diptyque Candle and NARS purchases

Inside Kate Spade

After Madison, we packed up our suitcases and headed over to the bus stop and came back home. It was a short trip but so much fun! I love New York and I love fashion week! I really want to work some shows next year or at least get invited to some bigger household names! 

Did you go to fashion week this year?


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