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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hey All!

I've been doing a lot of fashion related posts lately, and thought I would switch it up a little bit. Today I am just going to go through what I use on my face on a daily basis. I am not talking about skincare or anything like that, because I think I talk about that enough. I am just strictly going to be talking make-up and what I use for my day-to-day look. Generally, I keep my look very simple. I usually don't even wear eyeliner unless I'm going out to dinner or out to somewhere important. It's critical to let your skin breathe every now and then, and if I know I am doing nothing on a certain day and may run out once or twice to Target or to pick up food, my face is completely bare.

I am not trying to lecture anyone on how they should apply make-up, these are just my personal preferences. I have the most sensitive skin in the world. It turns extremely red very easily, usually when I am hot (obviously) or if I have just cleansed, or even if I have just removed my make-up. I do get breakouts very frequently and still battle acne on a daily basis, but that's another topic for another day.

Anyways, this is my current routine!

first step

second step

step 3

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

step 9
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I am also experimenting in Photoshop, hence the header image, haha. I love the effects it can do, but I still have a lot of learning! If you have any cool tips for Photoshop, leave them down below! 


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