September Favorites

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Today I have my September favorites lined up for you. I feel like most of my products are things I've used in previous months, so I didn't really have too many things. A lot of these things you've already seen before, but I couldn't help but include them. I did do some shopping in New York, when I was there, as you all know, and then for the rest of the month just picked up bits and pieces here and there. I re-purchased a lot of things I have already owned as well. But I hope you enjoy, nonetheless!

Also, I will be doing a collaboration with Only in Boston which is a website that just brings you local culture and news about the city of Boston! You can visit the website HERE or visit their twitter page HERE. They talk about lots of events and cool things about the city, and I'm honored to be writing a piece for them!

Anyways, on to the favorites!

This is definitely my favorite lip combination this month! I know it's bold, but I needed to try something different! I feel like I'm always reaching for a nude lip, and this hot lavender color was a perfect opportunity to spice things up a bit! Shop the lipstick HERE and the lipliner HERE.

I got this Davine's Milk treatment sample in my Birchbox this month and I'm OBSESSED. You just spray the mist all throughout your hair and it's instantly smoother, softer and voluminous all in one. It smells amazing and I need to buy a full size ASAP because the sample is already long gone. Buy it HERE.

These two are my perfect blush combination for the month of September. I have been using the Mie Kabuki brush from NARS which you've seen a million times already to apply this Bobbi Brown blush in the shade Nude Pink. It's a really beautiful pink shade and goes great with my complexion. The kabuki sweeps in perfectly onto my cheeks. Shop the blush HERE and the brush HERE.

I know you've seen this palette a million times but it's been in heavy rotation this month. I love using it to highlight, obviously but I also love the darker shade in the palette to bronze up my face a little bit. I am the palest of pales and could always use some nice color when it comes to my face. This palette does a nice job of making me look alive and ready. Shop it HERE.

I have been obsessed with this knit throughout September. White is so in this fall and I love pairing this oversized one with a pair of ripped jeans and some moto boots. It's so comfy and cozy, and perfect for layering. I can't wait to wear it all fall and winter as well! This sweater is sold out but there are similar options HERE and HERE.

I thought I would just put the rose-related objects in one picture? Is that weird? Probably. But I've been loving my Roses De Chloe scent. I wear it everyday, and I take it with my everywhere. It's such a clean, fresh scent. I've also been loving my Roses candle for Diptyque. It is such a beautiful smell and leaves my room smelling like a garden. Shop the scent HERE and the candle HERE.

These are just the best boots. I love them! They are so edgy. I love wearing them with some ripped jeans and either an oversized knit or a structured jacket. They were a tad pricey, but worth every penny. I know they will last forever, so the price was reasonable. The leather is sturdy yet comfortable. Shop them HERE.

These are the earrings I've been wearing non-stop. I usually wear my Marc Jacobs studs, but these are different for me. They are an interesting shape, and of course gold. I like the different texture of them, and I was desperate to switch up my earrings so I scooped these in a rush, but ended up really liking them! Shop them HERE.

I have really been into writing down ideas for my blog in a small little notebook. I think it's an efficient way to document all ideas and thoughts without forgetting everything. This one is a bit used, but I like the rustic feel to it. Anytime I have an idea for a post or a photograph, I write it down here, and come back to it later for more brainstorming. Shop it HERE.

What are some things you've been loving this month?!


My Fashion Language // Parisian

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hey All!

So sorry I was gone for the past two days! It's been a weird week. I haven't had a lot of classes this week for some reason, but have had a ton of homework. I don't even know how that is possible, but it happened. Anyway, for this post I teamed up with a translation services company called Smartling. They celebrate languages and cultures by helping fashion brands deliver multilingual content to their customers anywhere in the world. And as you all know, fashion has the ability to speak its own language, so Smartling asked me to create a look that incorporates trends from around the world that inspire my own personal "fashion language" and how these trends translate into my own personal style. They wanted me to let my fashion "speak".

I knew immediately the country and city that inspired my entire wardrobe, and that's Paris. Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to visit France. I've been obsessing over Paris for as long as I can remember. I always loved watching Paris Fashion Week online every year. I don't have too much color to my wardrobe, so I felt like Paris would be a perfect fit that showed my fashion language. Below I wear a checkered boyfriend blazer, with a pussy-bow chiffon blouse. I paired those with straight leg satin trousers and a pointed strappy heel. I topped off the look with my Celine sunglasses and a Chloe bag to show that Paris really does inspire my style and my wardrobe. 

Enjoy my Parisian-inspired look down below!

Blazer : Topshop | Blouse : Altuzarra For Target | Pants : Theory (similar here and here) | Shoes : Altuzarra For Target | Bag : Chloe | Sunglasses : Celine | Tassel Bracelet : Baublebar | Ear Cuff : Baublebar

What are some cultures and countries that inspire your style or wardrobe?


Wardrobe Items That Needed Updating...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey Guys!

So, every once in a while, you need to update current pieces in your closet. I do this more often than not, since I have a spending problem, but nonetheless, it's imperative for an individual who is in the fashion industry or a fashion blogger, because style is eternal, but fashions do fade.

I've done a bit of updating recently, if you couldn't tell from my Recent Buys post from yesterday that you can read HERE. I like updating my staple items, because I wear staples so often that I quickly become tired of them, and am continuously looking for better versions of what I own. I know that sounds crazy, and like a huge waste of money, but it's just what I do. Anyways, I recently updated three staple items of mine....

(Sidenote : I know people are probably getting extremely tired of all the collages I've been doing, but it's only because my mom is away on business! I'll have an outfit post this Friday!)

wardrobe update 1

Who doesn't love J Brand? I know I do! But their jeans range from about $170 to over $200. I love treating myself to a pair of J Brand's every once in a while, but usually it's just not feasible. I have recently discovered Topshop jeans within the past couple of months, and it's true love. They range from about $70 to $100, which I think is definitely doable. I am also OBSESSED with the ripped knee movement that is currently underway. I think it adds such an edge to my outfits and is more interesting rather than just a pair of black skinny jeans.

wardrobe update 2

I know Vince definitely has better quality clothing than Club Monaco, but I felt like my everyday textured cardigan needed updating. I bought this Vince cardigan, except in navy blue in 2012. I LOVED this thing. I still do. I actually wore it the other day, but I was getting tired of it. A few months back, I was in Club Monaco and their annual sale was going on. I bought this textured knit for close to nothing, and I love it. I've worn it in a couple of outfit posts, and it's so versatile due to its' color scheme. I also love the leather pockets, such a nice touch!

wardrobe update 3

I thought it was WAY past due to get a sophisticated leather tote bag. I bought the French Connection tote a WHILE ago (7 months ago I think) and was just so sick of looking it at. I ventured into Zara one day, and stumbled upon this black leather shopper. I thought it was perfect for school, and to carry around my everyday essentials. It's humongous and I can fit my products, and books in it with ease. I also love that it's black because I can wear it with anything, whereas before, the peach color of the French Connection tote sometimes clashed with my outfit.

What are some wardrobe items that you've updated recently? I would love to know!


Recent Buys

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello there!

Wow.... I have been feeling very spendy lately. It's so not good in any way, shape or form when bills are due. I have been shopping non-stop and thought I would share what I've recently bought! I am in no way bragging about what I have, I just love reading and seeing hauls, and I love doing them as well! Also, I won't have an outfit post up until Friday because A) my photographer (aka my mom) is away on a business trip and B) I am doing a special collaboration with Smartling to show you fine folks how different cultures and countries inspire my own personal style! I can't wait to cook up something fun!

I was not disappointed after buying this palette. I was so skeptical because it's seriously $58 and that is a hefty price tag for three highlight shades. I sort of just took a leap and purchased it. I do NOT regret it at all. The packaging alone was apart of the reason I wanted it. It's so sleek looking and the powders are so soft. They do leave a bit of product over the pan after you apply them, but it's a simple clean-up by just blowing the mess away. They are light, and leave the most gorgeous shimmer on your cheek bones when applied with a fan brush.
Buy it HERE

I had been searching for a great black leather skirt EVERYWHERE. I was so hesitant to buy one online because you never know how it will fit, and I hate sending items back because it takes forever. I just stumbled into Zara one day, and saw this beauty. It fits like a glove, and I love the length of it. I sort of wanted a leather mini-skirt, and this one hits a couple of inches above the knee, which is perfect. I love wearing this with a button-down or even a sweater for the colder months ahead. 
Buy it HERE

I think I go on the Baublebar website every other day, just to see what they have, and NEVER buy anything. I finally made a purchase last week, and am mad at myself for not buying anything sooner! I love their jewelry! It's an such an affordable price point, and extremely good quality. I purchased this gold tassel bracelet, which is lovely, and a pearl ear cuff which I am OBSESSED with. I have both on now, and never want to take them off! The package they came in was also beautiful. They sent me a free necklace with my purchase as well! 
Buy the bracelet HERE
Buy the ear cuff HERE

Zara makes me feel some sort of way. Yes, their clothing can get extremely pricey, but they offer such stylish clothes for way less than what they could be sold for. I bought these because they are so out of my comfort zone. They are wide leg grid pattern slacks and I LOVE them. I really wasn't going to get them, but then I thought of all the ways I could style them. I can really see them working with some black heels and either a black button down, or even a black t-shirt with a blazer thrown on top. I think they would look amazing going out on a date, or even for an interview. I can not wait to style them for you guys! 
Buy them HERE

I'm sorry I'm obsessed with Zara. When I scooped up those trousers, I saw these and melted. They are so freaking perfect. I realized I didn't really have flat black ankle boots. I have some with a 2 or 3 inch heel, but not flatter ones. I am obsessed with the pointy toe, and the leather is so soft. I can not wait to wear them with some ripped up black skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. They are perfect for fall, and so versatile, so they will be easy to wear with a lot of my wardrobe.
Buy them HERE

I finally broke down and got some Leigh jeans. I initially wanted the Jamie jeans, but are literally sold out everywhere. I went into Nordstrom, and saw that these literally have the same look as the Jamie jeans, so I went for them. They are so comfy and the knee rip is so chic. I think I've worn them like three days in a row because I'm lazy, but they've really held their shape. They're a tad high-waisted, which I love. 
Buy them HERE

Yes, I got the iPhone 6. Yes, I love it. It's so thin and I love the bigger screen, which is great for blogging and instagramming, which are my two favorite things. It is taking some getting used too, since the screen is such a difference. I am also LOVING how it's rose gold. I think it's so chic! I am glad I pre-ordered it as well, so it came right to my house on Friday without having to wait in any lines!
Look at the iPhone 6 HERE

I finally caved and bought Roses De Chloe. I think I have wanted a full size of this perfume for about a year now. I never bought it though because 2.5 ounces is $120, which is RIDICULOUS. That is so much money for literally no perfume. I actually went on eBay and found a great deal on a 2.5 oz. bottle. I love the packaging and the smell is like no other. I love it so much, it is such a clean scent. 
Buy the scent HERE

Last but not least, my new heels! I bought these last week when Altuzarra for Target went live. I scooped them up immediately because those designer collaborations go so quickly. I love these. They are a great classic black pair of heels and I can see myself pairing them with the grid trousers from Zara. I also love how there is support on the back of them heel so my feet aren't sliding all over the place. They were at a good price point too! You can never have too many pairs of black heels.
Buy them HERE

Hopefully I start saving, because this spending is getting crazy! I need to start saving for NYC in December! What have you bought lately? I would love to know!


My Five Must Have Shoes for Fall

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hey All!

Sorry I haven't posted within the last couple of days! I work way more than any 22 year old should. I am back for the next couple of days though and thought I would kick it off with a bang....

Here are my Top 5 must have shoes for Fall!

I am loving loafers this fall. I think they are super chic and make seriously any outfit looked more pulled together. I have a couple of different pairs of loafers, and I love pairing them with skinny jeans or even a dress. I have seen them everywhere and have owned at least one pair at all times. I tried to incorporate loafers at all sorts of price points. I love loafers with different textures as well. The 3.1 Phillip Lim ones are a gorgeous combination with leather and a shearling top. So much inspiration, mixing different textures on shoes!


Strappy heels are here to stay! They are all over the trend reports for SS15, and why not bring them out in style right before winter? They are timeless, these sorts of heels. They make ANY outfit look chic and classy. Strappy heels can mean a variety of things, from the Nudist sandal by Stuart Weitzmen with the most simple design to the snakeskin strap-ups from Zara. If it's strappy, it's in. 

Mules are so damn chic. I love the edge they add to any outfit. I have a pair of Tibi mules that I think are just perfect for when your outfit is mostly basic pieces and you need just a little spark to give it an added edge. Mules were really in this past season, and honestly I don't think they're going anywhere. I've seen them on countless celebrities and bloggers alike. I do love trendy items, but tend not to splurge on trendy things because they aren't classic, and eventually will go out of style, but I think the mule is in this for the long run, at least I hope so.

Over the knee boots were HUGE last fall and winter, and I can't wait to wear mine again this year. I have a pair of the Stuart Weitzmen 50/50 boots, and I am still in love with them a year later. I tried to find some boots at all different price points. I feel like you need to invest in a good pair of leather boots. You will probably end up spending less on a great pair of boots rather than buying a new pair every year that will likely have to be replaced. There are so many colors and styles of boot you can get. I usually wear mine with either skinny jeans, or over tights with a skirt.

I love sneakers! I think they make any look so darn effortlessly cool. I am LOVING the Converse x Mason Martin Margiela sneaker. So sleek! I put in a couple of different price points because sneakers are definitely not for everyone. If you don't plan on wearing them that often, but want a pair to experiment with, I recommend getting a cheap pair, like the Forever 21 sneakers. I think Superga sneakers are a great starting point. They have a variety of colors to choose from. I have a pair of Superga sneakers in collaboration with The Row, and the gold hardware on them gets me every time. Sneakers are not for everyone, but they are such a breath of fresh air when we live in a society where everyone wears either heels, flats and boots. 

Alrighty! Those are my top 5 must-have shoes for fall! I can not wait for the colder weather (I know I will regret saying that in a month) to wear sweaters and some jeans! What kind of shoes do you plan on wearing this fall?


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My Current Daily Face Look

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hey All!

I've been doing a lot of fashion related posts lately, and thought I would switch it up a little bit. Today I am just going to go through what I use on my face on a daily basis. I am not talking about skincare or anything like that, because I think I talk about that enough. I am just strictly going to be talking make-up and what I use for my day-to-day look. Generally, I keep my look very simple. I usually don't even wear eyeliner unless I'm going out to dinner or out to somewhere important. It's critical to let your skin breathe every now and then, and if I know I am doing nothing on a certain day and may run out once or twice to Target or to pick up food, my face is completely bare.

I am not trying to lecture anyone on how they should apply make-up, these are just my personal preferences. I have the most sensitive skin in the world. It turns extremely red very easily, usually when I am hot (obviously) or if I have just cleansed, or even if I have just removed my make-up. I do get breakouts very frequently and still battle acne on a daily basis, but that's another topic for another day.

Anyways, this is my current routine!

first step

second step

step 3

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

step 9
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I am also experimenting in Photoshop, hence the header image, haha. I love the effects it can do, but I still have a lot of learning! If you have any cool tips for Photoshop, leave them down below!