May Favorites!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

So since we are quickly approaching the month of June, I thought it would be time to throw together some favorites that I've been loving this month. I have separated them into two parts, beauty and fashion. May was a pretty good month. I finished school for the semester, I started working full time at my restaurant job, which means more income (which means more clothes), and the weather has finally started to perk up. I was going to make a video stating all my favorites, but by the time I got around to it, it would probably already be June. I could do a video maybe tomorrow?! It's hard because my camera does not have a viewfinder, so I sort of have to wing it. Anyways, on to the favorites!

may faves

So these are my beauty favorites for the month of May! I'll go clockwise, starting with the top left! 

  • The Ole Henriksen wipes are AMAZING. I started using them after I would use a make-up wipe to take off my make-up. They are great for exfoliation and cleanse my skin. A couple of days after using them by skin cleared RIGHT up. I kid you not, my face was zit-free. I think it was because I wasn't exfoliating and cleansing enough. These babies took care of that, got rid of all my grease and dirt lodged under my skin and now my face is clear as anything. LOVE. 

  • Next is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in moodlight. I really do love this powder. It gives my face such a pretty glow when applied right above my cheekbones and down my nose. You do need to be careful with how much product you are using with this powder though because since it is a lavender tinted powder, it will literally turn your face purple. 

  • Next is the First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum. I do have a very fair skin tone, and it gets blotchy easily. I picked up this serum a while ago and started putting a dab on before I went to bed, and before I put my moisturizer on, and it does wonders. My skin tone has definitely gotten way less blotchy and red. 

  • For nail-polishes, my favorite this month BY FAR is Essie's Go Ginza. I've talked about it before, and I just can't get enough. It's such a beautiful lilac color with hints of blue. It's currently on my toes and I love just looking down and seeing how pretty the color is when it hits sunlight!

  • I've been looking for a good liquid eyeliner FOREVER. This month, my favorite is the Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner. It has a felt tip, and applying is very easy. I'm still learning on how to create the perfect cat-eye, but this is definitely aiding in my learning

  • Next is my beloved Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. I LOVE this stuff. It's full-coverage, and has SPF in it. I seriously only need a tiny bit because it spreads beautifully. It really does last all day long and it covers up my spots and blotchiness wonderfully. I will definitely be re-purchasing.

  • My favorite blush of the month is the Bobbi Brown Nude Pink blush. It's a beautiful shade and looks great on my fair skin tone. It blends beautifully over my foundation and gives my cheeks the perfect hint of color to make me look like a living person in the morning.

  • My last beauty favorite is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana White perfume. Ugh, I love this scent. It's lovely. I roll it on my neck and wrists every morning, and the scent lasts all day long. The musky peony scent is divine. 

Now onto my fashion favorites!

may fashion faves

It was a lot harder coming up with just a few fashion favorites. I feel like I never really stick to one thing for too long, so I couldn't distinctly remember anything I've worn non-stop.

Anyways, going clockwise from the top left....

  • These jeans are probably the one item in the bunch that are definitely a "favorite" this month. They are from Zara and were $59.90. I think I've worn them probably 20 out of the 29 days we've had in May so far. They are super comfortable and are ripped in all the right places. I love rolling them at the bottom and they look good with ANYTHING. I've worn them in a couple of outfit posts as well.

  • Next, you'll recognize the trench from my "Rainy Day Chic" post a while back. I love this trench so much. I actually wore it yesterday. I paired it with some plain black J Brand Jeans, a Club Monaco button down cotton shirt, a heather grey knit, and my beloved Marc Jacobs strappy sandals. The trench is from Zara as well and set me back $140, but I LOVE IT. You can pair this bad boy with anything and you automatically look chic. It's definitely become a staple in my wardrobe. 

  • Next, are a new pair. My last post was actually about how I bought these all-white leather converse, but I couldn't not include them. I got them and they are PERFECTION. I purchased them at Urban Outfitters, but I'm sure you can get them at many other e-commerce sites. They are monochrome, and just lovely. I am so excited to pair them with those Zara boyfriend jeans.

  • Next are my favorite heels of the month. I had been searching for minimal strappy heels for FOREVER. I have looked high and low for the perfect pair that wouldn't set me back more than $100. I love love loved the Stuart Weitzman version of these heels, but just couldn't spend $400. I finally found these on DailyLook and it was love at first site! They look exactly like the Stuart ones and only cost me $30! What a steal! 

  • Next are my beloved Miu Miu's. I actually got these last March when I was in Miami. I wanted a pair of round sunglasses and when I stepped into the Miu Miu store at the Bal Harbour shops, I knew I found my pair. They were SUPER expensive at $369, but worth every penny. I wear them often, and they seriously add such an edge to anything I'm wearing. They are so fun, but neutral because of the bronze color. Love them!

  • My final fashion favorite of May is my beloved knit crop top from Club Monaco. I would wear this everyday if I could. It's perfection. It hits me at just the right spot, and makes me look like I can actually pull off a crop top. I love how it's knit, because it's a different texture, and I love mixing textures. It was $98.50, which is steep, especially for half a shirt, but I know it will be kept in my wardrobe forever.

WOW, that was probably the longest post I've ever done! I will probably be back with a outfit post tomorrow! 


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