Lazy Days.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We all have them. I think I have them more than most. I'm such an introvert. I seriously can't be around people too long before I start to go a little crazy. I love to unwind in my bedroom with some lit candles, a nice book,  or possibly some Netflix...

After a long day at work, or even just a creative day in my bedroom where I'm searching for inspiration I love to light some candles. I'm not a big fan of buying super expensive candles, because they're just scented wax?! I would love a Diptyque candle, but I can't justify spending $60+ on something like that. I would rather buy shoes :). Anyways, I have been LOVING Target for my candle supply. They have so many varieties and there are two I have been obsessed with....


They both smell AMAZING. I love lilacs. My dad actually just picked me some fresh ones, so those are making my room smell fresh for now, but when they die I can't wait to light up the candles again!

After a day dealing with annoying people (like my job requires) I like to just sit in bed and read. I have been buying a lot of books recently, but it's hard to try and find time to read. Sometimes I just love watching some Netflix, or hanging out with my boyfriend instead. I have been reading a lot lately and here are two I've been going back and forth with...

The Sartorialist is a GREAT book for inspiration. Scott Schuman captures so many iconic people and  looks throughout this book. He captures the personas of people in Italy, France and New York. It's very interesting to look through. I've also been trying to finish Grace Coddington's memoir. It's very long, but so interesting. It's definitely a book I hate putting down, but when you're reading till 3 AM, there's decisions to be made.

One last thing I like to do on a lazy/lonely day in dress comfortably. You will definitely not see me in my bedroom with jeans and a silk blouse on. When I'm alone and looking for inspiration, it's all about comfort. Recently, the company COS opened up their American e-commerce site. Before, they only shipped to Europe. I checked out the site and picked up a beautiful bralette and a relaxed sweater dress to wear on my lazy days...


I hate wearing bras in general, so I've been really into lace bralettes which are very comfy. I can also get away with wearing them because my chest isn't that large. I also have been in the market for a sweater dress for a while. I really wanted this sweater dress from The Reformation, but I decided to save a few dollars and go with the COS one instead, which I think I like a little more anyways. I know I'll be able to wear it with summer coming up because Massachusetts weather is completely unpredictable. I could pair it with strappy sandals for a nighttime look. Anyways, I plan on rocking these pieces while cozied up in my bed reading with some candles burning. Also, since COS introduced new shipping to America, they are giving all American consumers 25% off their entire order with the code HELLOAMERICA. What a score!

What are some of your lazy day must-haves?!


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