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Friday, May 23, 2014


Two things.... 1. I hate current obsessions because I just wanna buy instead of talking about them, and 2. These items will now haunt me in my sleep until I buy them,

That being said, these are just some items I've been looking at for the last week or so. The cropped pants are everything. They're on sale at Barney's for $111. I was thinking to myself how good the cropped pants, crop top and heels would look together. (sigh) I might purchase the crop top soon because it is literally only $20, which is such a good deal. I'm also obsessed with the shoes. I've been eyeing them FOREVER, and just don't have the gut to order them. They're $110. That isn't even expensive for shoes, but my bills this month are outrageously high. (sigh, again) I am also loving the phone case by Rifle Paper Co. It's so cute and you can never go wrong with a Paris themed phone case, haha. And of course I love the fedora but jesus I can not justify spending $200 on a felt hat. I love you Rag and Bone but your prices are REEEEdiculous. So I will be at Boston Calling all weekend and will hopefully still be alive by Monday!


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