Friday, April 4, 2014

Yes, I've been lacking recently. I've been sort of getting into videos/YouTube. I love fashion, but I also love beauty products. I love the idea of reviewing different products and such. My camera sort of (okay definitely) sucks, but I wanna get a tripod, and a better camera to make better videos. I love the idea of doing "Hauls" and such as well! It just sounds right up my alley.

The process for uploading is EXCRUCIATING though. My March Favorites video that I posted yesterday took me like 2 hours to edit! I don't have time for that right now, so I have a feeling videos will be scarce. Anyways, I sort of wanted to do a video when I get home from school, since I have some free time, but I don't know what to make it about. I need ideas!

Anyways, I was browsing Always Judging yesterday and saved some cool photos she posted.

Cute shots right?!


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