Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey guys!

Long time to talk (to myself). I've been a tad busy the last few days. I had some major tests to study for, and my internship takes up some time as well. I've been styling a few outfits to photograph, so hopefully that will happen soon. I might snap some shots tomorrow, since I don't have to be anywhere immediately after school.

Anyways, I was on Instagram a few weeks ago, and was browsing GlitterGuide. If you don't know what GlitterGuide is, then shame on you. They were featuring some of's tech accessories that were the cutest things I've ever seen. I scooped up a few things, and they've been essentials for me lately. . .

These are all amazing! I have the mobile charger on the top left and use it religiously. When my phone is about to die, this little beauty charges it right back up in no time. I also have the charger right in the middle. It's perfection. It can be used as a iPhone 5 or 4 charger, which is amazing if my friends want to use it as well. It also comes with a car charger! The wire is wrapped in rope so it's not easily as breakable as the regular chargers. The colors and design is so cute, and I think it was only $25 or $30!

Outfit posts to come hopefully tomorrow!


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