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Monday, March 3, 2014

I really need a camera, and/or a photographer to snap some shots of me. I love styling outfits and I'm getting bored with my collages that probably no one cares about. I love taking pictures but the lighting in my house probably couldn't be worse. I have to go into my living room to get any decent light, and the backdrop in there is not ideal. It's a tough situation.

This semester is tough. I don't have a lot of free time. I would love to go to different locations each day and shoot some outfits, but it's simply not feasible right now. Hopefully it will be once this semester is over, because my school schedule could not be worse right now. Anyways, currently in class (shocker) and bored as hell. I'm trying to avoid eye contact with my professor because every time he looks at me, he calls on me to answer a question. So messed up.

After this class, I'm going to head over to my local mall and pick up some last minute things for Florida. I am going to pick up 1 (hopefully 1) NARS matte multiple. I can't decide if I want a pink shade or a bronze shade to contour. They're $40 a piece, so hopefully I only fall in love with one. I'm also going to go to H&M and maybe get a few dresses.

I was just on the Barney's Warehouse website and fell in LOVE with these Walter Steiger ballet flats.
Ugh, I want them so bad. I am sort of embarrassed to admit I don't really have a pair of basic black ballet flats, and these would be PERFECT. They're on sale for $259, but that's a little steep for me. I just dropped a boatload on TheRealReal as previously posted, and I just bought a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses. Damn, I wish I knew about these before I spent money elsewhere!

Anyways, my teacher is getting suspicious at my rampant typing, so ta-ta for now!


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