Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Currently: posting from my bed with two bags of ice on my face, some stitches in my mouth, and 4 less teeth. Yea, I'm in a shit ton of pain, but did that stop me from buying things online to ease the pain a little? Absolutely not!

I was just browsing the web, and remembered that TheRealReal was having a 40% off sale. TheRealReal is a consignment website. Girls (or guys) turn in their old (usually contemporary or designer) clothing that they don't want anymore, and it's sold at a discount to new homes! Everything that is posted on the website is verified, and authenticity is guaranteed. Sometimes there are some imperfections with the clothing, but when you are getting them at a huge discount, I don't mind a little pilling or a bit of discoloration.

So, anyways, I scurried on over and picked up a few things......


I'm still in shock with how good of deals I got. The pumps alone retail for $725, and I bought them for $87. Yea, they're used, but who cares? They're beautiful, and everything is cleaned obviously. I can't wait to wear these bad boys in Florida! I also can't wait to wear everything else, obviously.  I'm in shock over the A.L.C top! $30! I bet it retails for $250! If you guys have not checked out TheRealReal yet, I suggest you do so!


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