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Friday, February 28, 2014

So, I was browsing today, and was browsing the lipsticks. I've been seeing a lot of MAC nudes out and about and was drawn instantly. I don't wear lipsticks 24/7, but I do love wearing some color here and there. I browsed a little online and was looking up reviews on different MAC nude lipsticks. I came across pretty much the same five shades that people seem to gravitate towards. Henceforth, I picked up Myth and Hue. I also picked up Coral Bliss because let's be real, I'm completely obsessed with any lip shade that is coral colored. I also picked up some more Mineralize Foundation because I was running a bit low....


Anyways, as soon as I get them in, I'll definitely do a review! I am also leaving for Florida on Thursday, and I need some sort of a checklist. I'm freaking out!


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