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Friday, January 24, 2014

I wish people actually read this, because then they could give me insight on what they want to hear more about. I like talking about fashion, beauty and design. That's why I am here. So if you're reading this, PLEASE leave a comment and give me some ideas. I mean I could copy every other blogger in the world and just do outfit posts, but I want more depth than that. I like doing more than just saying what I'm wearing or what I bought yesterday.

But to be totally cliche, I have something....

The Row

These babies. These sneakers are by Superga X The Row. They are what I've been wearing for the past couple of days. They are super comfy and pretty stylish. I saw them on The Sartorialist a couple of weeks back, and thought they were perfect. They are relaxed, but look put together at the same time. I'm currently wearing them with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans I picked up at Target, an equipment long sleeved tee, and a chunky Vince knit. I have the black corduroy ones. I probably searched for an hour trying to find ones in my size, and that weren't $300. I finally found them on Barney's website for $130, which isn't terrible. If you want a versatile high-end sneaker, look no further....


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