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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I hate being on my laptop for too long, because it only means one thing, my urge to online shop goes from about 20% to about 160%. I have such a love/hate relationship with Youtube because I watch fashion bloggers do haul/favorites videos and all of a sudden I absolutely 100% need everything they showcase. It's a sick obsession. I used to have so much money saved up, then I became OBSESSED with fashion and having brand names. I have just slowly watched my bank account dwindle to almost nothing. I work at a restaurant, and since it's winter, it isn't as busy. It has taken everything in me to save my minimal paycheck to pay for my car, my car insurance, and my credit card bills. Don't get me wrong, I shop on Etsy here and there, and maaaaybe bought a couple of other things, but I really am trying so hard to not spend money. The goal isn't even to save anymore, it's too not blow everything I have.

So, that stated, I try to stay off the computer for long periods of time. Obviously, I have a two hour break between classes. I have no choice but to sit here on my laptop if I don't wanna die of boredom. I was watching a fashion blogger's haul yesterday (sigh) and came across the site Markkit. They have such cute pieces at extremely affordable prices. Some things I dragged into my cart (just to make me feel better)
This set is literally perfect. Definitely need it for my Spring break trip coming up to Lauderdale. It will look killer with my new Vince sandals! This is literally Alexander Wang for $30. It will also be perfect for Florida. I could wear it with some cut-offs and a loose white T over it. I already have a nail bracelet from Stella and Bow, but I wanted another style to clash with it on my wrist. For $22 you can't really go wrong. 

What are some things you are currently coveting?!


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