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Friday, January 24, 2014

This is so embarrassing. I always say to myself, wow, I would love to have a fashion blog. I start one, then post like 3 times, and it's over with. I don't know why I do it. I mentioned all of this stuff in my last post. I do not have a photographer, and I literally don't have time to go shoot four different outfits a day and post them later. A blog is a full-time job. I wish I got paid for it like other bloggers do, like Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere or Chiara from The Blonde Salad.

Those bloggers get sent a lot of stuff for free, so it's not easy keeping up with the elite. I was reading an article the other day about how it's almost impossible to keep up with fashion bloggers. They get paid for posting and advertising about different brands, and get sent a lot of pieces to advertise. I mean, I'm not whining because I don't get paid (that would be ridiculous) but it's definitely a motivator. I've been thinking a lot about this blog the past week or so, and I decided I really want to keep up with it. It seriously does not fit into my schedule at all, but I really want to give it another go. I need a creative outlet and sometimes Instagram doesn't cut it. People definitely get pissed off or annoyed at me because all I do is post pictures of clothes and/or make-up.

I've actually really gotten into make-up/beauty routines recently. I've been blowing my paychecks on Nars and Mac products like it's my job. I love it. Some stuff I picked up yesterday......


I got the Super Orgasm Illuminator from Nars. When mixed with my foundation, it gives my face a rosy glow, which makes me look alive in the morning for classes. Also picked up a new concealer. I got the Vanilla shade. I wasn't too impressed with the Mac one I was using, so I decided to give Nars a shot. I was also looking at lip shades. I have about 6 of these lip pencils. They are my favorite things EVER. I was immediately drawn to this shade when I saw it and had to have it. It's called Bolero.  It's very neutral  and peachy. It looks great with just some mascara on, and a pink cheek.

Also, I've been really into Etsy lately. I'll have to post more about it when I have some more time. 

Till who knows,


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