Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I obviously am seriously terrible at this. I always do this every time I create a blog. I consecutively post for around five days, and then I just stop. I think I get frustrated because it's hard to keep up with trends/getting a professional photographer to shoot me and my wardrobe/making time with my hectic work and soon to be school schedule as well. I clearly have a spending problem, and have been trying to cut back a lot. It's not easy. I really want to continue to blog, but it would be easier if I had a photographer and a billion hours a day to put outfits together and style things in a certain way. I'm currently in Cape Cod for a week, and am already bored of my family so here I am.

On another note, one thing I am obsessed with; H&M FINALLY HAS AN ONLINE STORE. I just ordered some stuff for back to school and god can I not wait to order some more stuff. I'm literally already bored of this post. I'm going to a flea market tomorrow so hopefully I will update then.

I'm sorry I suck. (not like anyone is reading this anyway)


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