TIll Monday

Friday, June 21, 2013

The 411 about my life; I work. A lot. I usually work 12 hours a piece on Saturday and Sunday alone and I work another 20 during the week. This is probably my last possible chance to post until Monday at this point.
So today was the first day of Summer, and I wanted to share some of my summer essentials that I've been using daily.

I've been obsessed with these sandals since I purchased them. I got them about a month ago at Marc Jacobs. They are currently on sale here. They are so neutral but so chic at the same time. I throw them on with a some pants and a jean jacket and I look way more pulled together than I actually am. They are also super comfortable and I believe come in a couple different color combinations.

OBSESSED with this Current/Elliot jean jacket. I've had this jacket for a couple of months now and literally have not taken it off. It pretty much is wearable with everything. I like the lightness of the denim, it keeps things refreshing. The snap closure buttons are also a plus. This is also on sale here.

I actually bought this dress today when I was out. I got it from Zara and it's everything I could ever imagine. The back detailing is beautiful. The material is light, and it's perfect for me to wear all summer.  I usually stay away from white because my skin is so pale-toned, but this I couldn't resist. It just hit stores and you can buy it here.

One last thing. These babys. These are the reason I live and die. They are my everything. I had been LUSTING over them for centuries, and my boyfriend finally bought them for me. I love them and I know they will be absolutely amazing with everything I wear. Alexander Wang holds a dear place in my heart. I would buy everything he designed if I could. His new resort collection blew me away. Unfortunately I can't give you a link to buy these because they are sold out :(

So there you have it, here are some of my summer essentials. I mean of course there are the basics, like sunglasses, bathing suits and flip-flops. I always like to go a little above and beyond though. I love being confortable while looking effortlessly chic. I'm constantly tweaking my style when I come upon new inspiration.

Until Monday!