Friday, June 28, 2013

Burberry has such an iconic style. Their collections and separates are always seemingly timeless. I have always loved Burberry. I sort of skipped out on the whole plaid scarf, hat, bag and shoe era when that was around. You know, seeing everyone and their brother wearing a beige, red and black plaid themed something or other. The scarfs were everywhere you looked, and still are. I personally could never get one, because they are just too common for my liking. In the later winter though of this year, I made my first Burberry purchase, which was their quilted jacket that you can see here. I wore it with just about everything I owned switching from winter to spring. It's a timeless jacket and it's surprisingly warm. Getting back to topic, last night I was surprised with a gift from my boyfriend. When I see him he pulls out a black Burberry trench coat that looks exactly like this...
I responded with "What the hell is that?" And he said it was for me. I almost exploded with happiness. Owning a Burberry trench coat has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It is absolutely beautiful. The black color will look so chic with anything I can pull together. I'm so excited to own this and I know it's going to make a great addition to my wardrobe! 

In other news, if anyone at all is reading this; what kind of things would you like to hear about? What sort of things should I feature? I am always open for idea/suggestions/critique. 


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