Friday, June 28, 2013

Burberry has such an iconic style. Their collections and separates are always seemingly timeless. I have always loved Burberry. I sort of skipped out on the whole plaid scarf, hat, bag and shoe era when that was around. You know, seeing everyone and their brother wearing a beige, red and black plaid themed something or other. The scarfs were everywhere you looked, and still are. I personally could never get one, because they are just too common for my liking. In the later winter though of this year, I made my first Burberry purchase, which was their quilted jacket that you can see here. I wore it with just about everything I owned switching from winter to spring. It's a timeless jacket and it's surprisingly warm. Getting back to topic, last night I was surprised with a gift from my boyfriend. When I see him he pulls out a black Burberry trench coat that looks exactly like this...
I responded with "What the hell is that?" And he said it was for me. I almost exploded with happiness. Owning a Burberry trench coat has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It is absolutely beautiful. The black color will look so chic with anything I can pull together. I'm so excited to own this and I know it's going to make a great addition to my wardrobe! 

In other news, if anyone at all is reading this; what kind of things would you like to hear about? What sort of things should I feature? I am always open for idea/suggestions/critique. 


Sale Season

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The title says it all. Sale season is my favorite time of the year. My favorite places to shop all have "Designer Sales" which is probably my favorite phrase ever. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Kenzo skirt that was literally perfection, and a pair of Current/Elliot jeans that are now my favorite pair. Before that, I was on the Nordstrom website and scored Vince's Sadie sandal, and their raglan blouse in lilac. The savings going on currently are unbelievable, and I'm obviously taking full advantage. I was on the Saks website today, and their designer sale is STILL going strong. I looked through a couple of pages and picked some items out, but what really caught my eye were the ADDISON pieces on sale.
This perforated peplum immediately caught my eye. Not sure if the peplum phase is over, but I'm still all over it. And literally anything perforated will steal my heart. I scooped this top up at only a little over $60. 

Also scored this jacket at a little under $90. It's obviously the same texture and pattern at the top but it was too amazing to pass down. I've actually been eyeing this jacket for a while but wasn't ready to plunge the $200 to get it. It has since sold out on the Saks website so I made the decision right in time. It's perfect for summer and will look great with these Current/Elliot jeans and this Reiss top.

Also! Maura and I are going to start going around to our favorite places to shop and do some editorials on what our favorite pieces are for summer and for fall! Stay tuned!



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There are very few lines I love more than Acne Studios. They are always right on point and have basic, but beautiful pieces. The craftsmanship is impeccable on everything they product, and it's a bad sad for me because they are a teeny bit out of my price range. I downloaded Wanelo the other day onto my phone, and I immediately regret it. I've been trying to save money, but this app is making it extremely difficult. I was scrolling through the trends yesterday, and I found the most gorgeous Acne Studio boots  EVER.

Sidenote: I RARELY wear black. I've actually just been getting into black recently, and it's going to take some time gettting used too. I'm all about pinks, browns, greens, etc. The earthy tones.

Back to Acne though, is it just me or are these sent straight from heaven?


TIll Monday

Friday, June 21, 2013

The 411 about my life; I work. A lot. I usually work 12 hours a piece on Saturday and Sunday alone and I work another 20 during the week. This is probably my last possible chance to post until Monday at this point.
So today was the first day of Summer, and I wanted to share some of my summer essentials that I've been using daily.

I've been obsessed with these sandals since I purchased them. I got them about a month ago at Marc Jacobs. They are currently on sale here. They are so neutral but so chic at the same time. I throw them on with a some pants and a jean jacket and I look way more pulled together than I actually am. They are also super comfortable and I believe come in a couple different color combinations.

OBSESSED with this Current/Elliot jean jacket. I've had this jacket for a couple of months now and literally have not taken it off. It pretty much is wearable with everything. I like the lightness of the denim, it keeps things refreshing. The snap closure buttons are also a plus. This is also on sale here.

I actually bought this dress today when I was out. I got it from Zara and it's everything I could ever imagine. The back detailing is beautiful. The material is light, and it's perfect for me to wear all summer.  I usually stay away from white because my skin is so pale-toned, but this I couldn't resist. It just hit stores and you can buy it here.

One last thing. These babys. These are the reason I live and die. They are my everything. I had been LUSTING over them for centuries, and my boyfriend finally bought them for me. I love them and I know they will be absolutely amazing with everything I wear. Alexander Wang holds a dear place in my heart. I would buy everything he designed if I could. His new resort collection blew me away. Unfortunately I can't give you a link to buy these because they are sold out :(

So there you have it, here are some of my summer essentials. I mean of course there are the basics, like sunglasses, bathing suits and flip-flops. I always like to go a little above and beyond though. I love being confortable while looking effortlessly chic. I'm constantly tweaking my style when I come upon new inspiration.

Until Monday!



Friday, June 21, 2013

Eva here!

I have been mainly the one posting since Maura hasn't really gotten the details about the blog yet. I am seeing her today and she will hopefully get access to the blog to post some cool stuff! I went out last night for a little with some good friends, and we grabbed a couple of drinks and smoked a bit of hookah. I live right outside of Boston, so there's a nice nightlife here and the weather has been great recently. This is what I wore last night. Summery, yet chic.


 Shoes: Zara
                                                                         Blouse: Vince
                                                                         Jeans: J Brand
                                                                          Bag: Chloe

I'm still pretty bad at making the posts look all pretty but hopefully I get better with time. 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eva here!

It's almost silly how beautiful the resort collections coming out are. They are all so different but intriguing in their own ways. I'm an avid fan of Moda Operandi. They have all of the latest collections of different designers and are constantly having "trunk shows" to pre-order different collections that are coming out in a couple of months. I recently pre-ordered these Theysken's Theory printed pants out of a trunk show they had around two weeks ago. They accept 50% deposits too, which is AMAZING. 

On another note, I was checking out the trunk shows happening now, and oh my lord. Alexander Wang's 2014 resort collection almost had me falling out of my chair. The leather is on another level. The shapes and tailoring of this collection is off the charts. If only I had $950 to spend on a mini skirt :'(

If you're a high roller, here's some of my favorites...

                                                   Matte Finish Lamb Zip-up Moto Jacker

                                                       Plonge Lamb Irregular Seam Pressed Top

                                       Plonge Lamb Irregular Seam Vacuum Pressed Mini Skirt

Also, Nicholas Kirkwood's new collection is to die for as well! Go check it out!


First Post

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hi World.

My name is Eva, and I've been obsessed with fashion for as long as I can remember. I've had a couple of blogs in the past, but with my ever growing knowledge and passion for style and design, this blog will be about my inspirations, recent buys. and advice. I am not the only one who will be posting though. My good friend Maura will also be a contributor! We have different style and different ideas, so put together we will definitely be covering a wide variety of ideas on what we like and dislike. I'm hoping to post every other day or so. We both live busy lives, but being prompt and updated is what we are aiming for! We have been planning this for a while, so I am just currently trying to get the word out about our new style blog! Thanks!